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You are probably doing the same thing as I did a few years ago

I went online, searching for the perfect website builder, took me couple of days and more then 100 different websites and forums to reach this conclusion.

I need a great looking website, easy to build and maintain. And I need it by yesterday. Then I had to prioritize, what are the key features I` m looking for?

Easy to use
Affiliate + Internet Marketing supported
Search Engine Optimization friendly
Web 2.0 friendly
Ironclad Guarantee
Built in templates
Great selection of graphics

All the leads where going to this fresh released new tool www.xsitepro.com and because they have a 30 days money back guarantee I went ahead and downloaded the program.

After playing around with XsitePro program I was literally SHOCKED! I had my first website up and running within 3-4 hours.

Simple yet powerful

After that I went even deeper and explored all the tools available, I soon realized that I can even do SEO ( Search engine optimization), the program is actually telling you what you need to modify in order to rank higher on the search engines.


I soon discovered that I will never have to use a coder, because everything is integrated with the program, you can stop robots by visiting certain pages just with a few simple clicks. 

I heard that is closed to impossible to get high rankings, without the help of a specialized SEO company, but this is not the case with Xsite Pro, is has its own SEO Analyzer integrated in the program!

Eventually I figured out how to transform XsitePro into a SEO machine. This had increased the traffic to my website exponentially. Getting more and more traffic everyday!

You can see here how it all started




It is not uncommon to have thousands of visitors each day, and more and more sales.

With Dreamweaver or Frontpage the amount of work involved in building a website is tremendous, and I can ever begin to understand the complexity and all those functions displayed there.

I was taking screen shoots of my success each day out of amazement, the things are getting better and better each day.

I was so amazed of the results that I documented every step and decided to help others in the same situation.

Don't waste any more of your time with tools like Dreamweaver, that are designed for certified coders and designers, get a the tool that is made for you!

And now you get a lot of more templates, book, and tutorials which are now included in the package! 


Think of the possibilities

Maybe you have an small business and thinking about going online, (it's about time), everyone needs a website in order to get ahead.

Picture this: you can sell your products to the entire world. And it has never been easier. If you know how to use a word processor and most of us do, you can learn Xsite pro as well. I` m using the program for a long time now, and found and learned everything there is to know about it. 

XSitePro really is the one tool you must have to build or expand your online business. Gain control of your websites

It doesn't matter what is your need, if you are building websites for Adsense or you want to create a couple of great sales letters, create sites for affiliates programs, Xsitepro is the program to for that. Not only you can create a great sales letter, but you can modify it with a couple of clicks without the need to go to the ftp address or other approaches that are time consuming and even difficult at times.


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